As I mentioned in the last post, we have been working quite a bit.  I thought I would share a little bit about our works since there isn’t a lot else to share…

I have been working at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital this month.  No, I haven’t met Peyton.  Most people in Indy are familiar with this hospital, but even outside of the city, I guess people haven’t heard of it.  I was calling someone in Elkhart (about 2 hours north of Indy) and I said I was calling from Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and the lady responded, “you mean like the football player?” I thought this was funny, but not having heard of the hospital, she probably thought it was quite strange.

This has been a difficult month with lots of hours worked and a steep learning curve.  Probably the most difficult thing has been getting a new staff doctor every 3-4 days and having to figure out how they want things differently than the last one.  And also, the kids leave much quicker than adults do.  This is great for the kids, not so great for the paper trail that follows behind them which is almost exclusively completed by the interns.  The nurses and subspecialists at PMCH are pretty good, which has been nice this month.  I found this pic on the website (which they called “Peyton’s Posse”) and I have worked with a lot of these docs and nurses… yet, no Peyton 😦

Dr. Zawaideh, just right of Peyton, has been one of my fav subspecialists.  She is the Nephrologist.  The one.  We have one GI doc, one ID doc, one kidney doc, two pulmonologists in about a 45 bed hospital that has often been full this month.  That isn’t nearly as large as Riley, but big enough to need more docs than that.  A lot of these guys are really overworked, yet they do what they do well and still manage to teach us along the way.  So, despite being a very difficult month, I have learned from some great teachers.

Jeff has been working on Traders Point’s new website.  I will let him share more if he wants later, but here is a sneak peek.

Jeff has spent over a year working on this from its inception.  There were several hiccups along the way, but the new site is fantastic.  Jeff also had to make a little video of himself talking with screen shots to explain the website and its navigation to the congregation- that was a little different for his behind-the-scenes-type job, but I think he did a good job with it.  I guess I am a little bias, but lots of people besides those who have to say nice things have been impressed with it, so I think it must be for real good. 🙂 Go check it out!

One thought on “Workin

  1. I hear ya on the workin’ thing. Our new EMR went live a week ago and since I am one of the 50 trainers for the whole hospital, I’ve been working as support. Which means I’m pulling 12 hour shifts and a little overtime. I know that’s nothing to you docs, but I’m not used to it! I think the month of April should be calmer, so I’m looking forward to that and getting some stuff done to prepare for baby 🙂 We’re still planning on coming to Indy/lake house for Memorial day weekend, offer still stands if you guys want to hang out at the lake for a day, maybe it depends on the weather 🙂 Take it easy, don’t work too hard.

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