March Madness in April

This post (as most of our posts are) is a touch outdated, but I wanted to write about our March Madness party we had last week.  Feels like it was forever ago, but when I look at the calendar, it really was just last week…  I had a rare day off so I wanted to have people over to watch the big game, before we even knew Butler would be in it.  Supposed to be a fun stress-free evening, but then Butler made it tense and my “four-course meal” made it less than stress-free.  All in all it was very fun though and Butler was so close to making history we could taste it…

But what we tasted instead:

Butler Butterscotch Basketballs

Butterfinger Oreo Truffle Basketballs (for Duke?)

Brie Raspberry Pastry Round the Hoop

Also with Bulldog Beef Kabobs

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