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Just about a month ago now, Jeff and I went on a Caribbean cruise- partly for our anniversary (2 years), partly to get the heck out of dodge.  I was much looking forward to the trip after several difficult months in a row (with several more to come) and Jeff felt like he couldn’t sit in front of a computer one more day.  I already hinted at what we would be doing a bit ago in a post, but here are some of the pics and stories…  (for more pics, check out the facebook album).

heading out of Fort Lauderdale

this is Lloyd from Lloyd's Bike Tour... the pic is a pretty accurate representation of the experience of his tour

If you are ever in Key West, we highly highly recommend Lloyd’s Tropical Bike Tour.  It is a great, and different, way to see the city.  We didn’t see Hemingway’s home, but we saw all the stuff that inspired him to be Hemingway.  We stopped in Nancy’s Garden of Eden (or something like that) and saw all kinds of parrots.  Then we rode some more until we stopped at a little park and drank from a fresh coconut.  Lloyd took the opportunity to play frisbee with the homeless guy that hangs out there.  We stopped by Tennessee Williams’ house and ate some other stuff off trees and ground.  Then we rode to the real Southernmost Point before heading back to the ship.  O yeah, Lloyd is kind of crazy (if you couldn’t have guessed)… but in a good way.

at the real Southernmost Point in Key West (so says Lloyd)

all dressed up for the formal dinner night

Our second day we were in Cozumel (although we didn’t really see the actual Cozumel…).  This was our actual anniversary day.  We took a sailboat (with a group of about 20) out to an offshore snorkel site.  It wasn’t the best snorkeling ever, but we did see a huge school of fish with a baracuda swimming through it.  After we got back on the boat, we sipped on some margaritas and sailed to a little private beach where we swam and chilled.  And slid down one of those big inflatable slides.  Pretty sweet.

catamaran sailing trip in Cozumel

hammocking on the private beach

The next day was a day at sea.  It was super windy, but we were able to get some sun and rest.  And some rock climbing.  Didn’t take much to kill my arms though.  Pretty wicked when you look back over your shoulder and see that you are over a hundred feet in the air over the water.  Didn’t look back much.  (This reminded me of abseiling (rappelling) off Table Mountain in South Africa with Steph and toes that still tingle when we think about it- shout out!)

Jeff rock climbing on the back on the ship

Last day was in Cococay, Bahamas.  This is a small island that Royal Caribbean owns, so we were the only people there (yes, the 2000+ people on our ship… but it really wasn’t that bad if you walk far enough away, which most people didn’t want to do).  It was another windy day, but we found a couple chairs with an umbrella and we were pretty much away from most of the people.  Paradise.

the beach at Cococay, Bahamas

We shared one final meal with our dinner-mates.  We got along pretty well with all of them.  And luckily some of them clued us in to the fact that you can order anything (and everything) you want off the menus- fabulous, but also dangerous.  Still trying to get rid all the entrees (and desserts) I ate…

last dinner on the ship with our dinner table and waiters

We decided to spend an extra day in Fort Lauderdale after we docked (denial of real life perhaps…).  We really had no plans going in to the day, but managed to fill it easily.  We drove down to Miami to check out the scene, then back to Hollywood, just south of Fort Lauderdale.  We walked along the Broadwalk along the beach then hopped a trolley to the “downtown” area.  We had some gelato, climbed some trees, then headed back to the car.  For dinner we found a decent irish pub on the riverwalk in downtown Fort Lauderdale and had some live entertainment that wasn’t bad.

hanging out in Fort Lauderdale on the return (Jeff found a baobab tree to climb...)

All in all, a really great, much needed vacation.  Not sure that we’d do the exact trip again, but I think we’ll probably do a cruise again at some point in the future.  Just can’t beat the deal and the food (at least the amount!).  Jeff is actually back on vacation again this weekend- down in the Smokies doing an overnight hiking expedition with some guys.

We both were on a little mini vacation last weekend.  We drove up to Chicago to visit one of Jeff’s good friends, Jon, and his wife Caitlin.  I’ll just post one pic here since there won’t be a post about it.  We spent the first day of the weekend at Warren Dunes, MI.  They have some clay pits there that we always enjoy (not exactly sure why- it’s messy, cold, smelly, and painful on the feet to walk there).  Anyways, here is the product of our journey:

I think that’s enough pics in bathing suits for quite awhile…

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