Wildlife 2010

This year we have a duck.  With a bunch of eggs under it.  We were trying to scavenge for birds nest in our trees this year, but forgot to look at the ground.  I was trimming this bush today, when I noticed a duck on the other side of it.  She wasn’t leaving as I approached, which I thought was a little strange.  Then I walked back to this side of the bush (where I had just been stepping all over on the concrete) and saw the nest with about 10 or so eggs in it.  I can’t believe she just stepped away instead of charging me when I was standing so close.  When I left (and abandoned weeding in this area… until the babies are born I guess) she came back and sat down on them again.  When I came back to take this picture she started puffing up and hissing at me… not so friendly this time around I guess.  This is also right by our garage and Jeff has to drive his car about a foot away from the next every day, so this could be interesting.

Ironically, Jon and Caitlin (that we visited memorial day weekend, mentioned in previous post) were just telling us about a duck that had laid a bunch of eggs by their front door and the fiasco they had with that.  I hope these eggs just hatch uneventfully and then they all leave.

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