It’s About that Time

Every time I am in America for a couple years, I decide it’s time to leave.  Usually it’s for at least a month or so, but this time it’s only a week.  At the end of August, I will be going to Panama in Central America.

I am going on behalf of the Family Medicine Residency to determine if this site could work to routinely send residents who are interested in learning more about international/missionary medicine.  We are actually going to the mission field of Dr. Alan Handt, who just happened to be my neighbor growing up.  I think they moved to the mission field when I was still pretty young, but boy, small world.  I haven’t really been to Central America (closest being Cozumel on the cruise or Cuba, but neither of those count), so I’m pretty excited.  I also haven’t ever considered myself a Spanish speaker per se.  I can sort of get by with my French but I can never say any words (although I ALWAYS have French in my head and have to stop myself from saying those words…).  I recently got Rosetta Stone in Spanish and I think it is good, but I just don’t have the time to get through as much as I would like.  I do know more words than I used to and can conjugate a few verbs.  I used a couple with a patient the other day and they said “You do speak spanish!”  Poco poco.

I don’t expect a lot of my spanish here.  I also don’t expect a whole lot of patient seeing (although I’m told I might “get” to pull some teeth).  I do expect to experience a new culture spend some time with missionaries- two things I love.  Unfortunately, the other person I love, Jeff, probably won’t be coming with me.  There’s still a chance though…

Expect pics soon!

2 thoughts on “It’s About that Time

  1. so exciting, Meg! I love that you are meeting up with the Handt’s again too. They are such incredible people. Glad for you!

  2. Did I tell you we are going to Guatemala for 5 weeks in September? Awesome opportunity. 2 weeks of surgery, 1 week of clinic (hopefully including pulling some teeth) and 2 weeks of language school. Amber and Ruby are going with me, and we are really looking forward to our first family mission experience together… hope Jeff gets to go with you. 🙂

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