A la Escuela

We got to do a little more sightseeing/working today.  In the morning, before the rain began, we drove about 10 miles up the mountain to Alto Quiel school.  Kids were about 6-12 yrs old.  Mo and I saw patients in the clinic while Jeff took a bunch of pics of the kids and played around with them a little.  Unfortunately we didn’t really bring anything in the way of crafts or fun time.

As I mentioned, we got there before the rain, but then it started raining.  And raining.  and raining.  Apparently the kids left school because they couldn’t hear with the tin roofs and the rain.  We drove back down to the mission and had lunch and then watched it rain.  I just realized it’s not raining right now, but I think it rained hard for about 10 hours straight.  Mo and I didn’t do much this afternoon, but Jeff worked with Mark (one of the other missionaries in the pic below) and drove some school buses around the mission to get them ready for Sunday when they drive them all over to pick up people and bring them to church.  Something new every day!

One thought on “A la Escuela

  1. Hey Millers! Someone’s at your front door. You better go get it… It’s GABON! She’s wondering what the heck you’re doing in Central America! HA!!! Hey… have fun globe-trotting, but don’t forget to come back for a visit. I’ll give you a ride in the airplane.

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