A la Comarca

This post is actually about Saturday, but I’ll try to get caught up these next couple days.  We left super early Saturday morning to drive about 3 hours away to the reservation (called comarca in Spanish) where many of the indigenous and poorest people live.  Originally, we had planned on having a “hida medica,” like a little clinic, out there but we weren’t able to get word out in time.  We drove to see several of the little churches that have been started out there and see some families the missionaries work with.  The views were stunning and the people stunning as well.  As you can imagine, we have several hundred photos from this day, so I will include just a few of Jeff’s best.

One of the stunning views.  This is the only one I didn’t see because Jeff and Mo had to army crawl under a barbed wire fence and I decided to pass.

A little tough to tell in this photo, but the roads were less than desirable.  Here we just got through a mudslide.  Up the road, Mark said we would hit a “dirt road.”  What he meant to say was a road made of small boulders.  Still going up a mountain.

A great family portrait that Jeff took.  When they got out the two kids, we were like, “where are the rest?”  Most of the families had between 6-10 kids!  We had driven by earlier and asked to take their picture, but they wanted us to come on the way out so they could get dressed up.  They sure cleaned up nice for the shack they lived in!!

After the comarca, we went to the Pacific coast beach for a handful of minutes.  The water was like bath water!

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