Last day at the Mission

We had a pretty good day last Monday, our last full day at the mission.  In the morning, Mo and I went to David with Alan to visit the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.  I can’t remember exactly when they said this was built, but not long ago, and it was actually pretty nice.  Apparently, Taiwan built it for them.  Trying to get an in for the Canal?  The one drawback for me is that it was absolutely freezing inside!!  Many people were wearing coats (not white coats) in there!  And then they told us they needed donations of blankets… go figure.

maybe their library could use some updating…

In the afternoon, Mark took us around Boquete again, but this time at a little slower pace.

We were able to get a good view of the town coming in to view.

We went to a huge garden with ponds and flowers and random wooden cutouts.

Then we had lunch at a great little bistro run by a guy from Pittsburgh (I think).  Forgot to take a picture, but we were definitely not the only white people there- it pretty much is where half of the white people meet up everyday and get soup and sandwiches like from home.  If we haven’t mentioned yet, there are actually quite a few white people here because it has become quite the retirement hot spot.  So it was us and a bunch of old white folks.  And Mark, who will say anything and everything.  Good times.

What we thought was on our way out to dinner (the restaurant was closed) we stopped at a church member’s “house.”  Didn’t get a great pic of this girl and her dog, but it was one cute puppy.  Didn’t get a good pic of their other dog either.  Skin & bones.

We ended up eating dinner at Alan’s house.  His wife was gone at this point, but he threw together some spaghetti for us all.  A couple of the retirees came over and we played yet another game or two of Boo Ray.  This game is similar to Wizard if you’ve ever played that with us, but Alan is usually pretty unstoppable.  In our last game (of several) during the week I was able to finally win!  However, I would be fine if I did not play that game for a very long time.

And just like that, our week was over.  I still have to blog about the Panama Canal, which we saw on our way back home and then that’s it!

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