Panama Canal

Our day of journey and last day in Panama brought us to the canal.  We flew into Panama City pretty early in the morning and had about 5 hours of layover and had to switch airports anyway so we had our taxi take us to the canal.  The Miraflores Locks are really close to the city and we made it just in time to see the last two ships going through.  It is quite a long process for each one, so I don’t think we would’ve wanted to see any more than that anyway.  We started off on the top deck watching the ships go through.  After they were on the way to the middle of the country, we went back inside and watched a somewhat cheesy movie about the history and future of the canal.  They are building two new bigger locks, one on the south and one on the north, so that bigger ships can come through and they can get more traffic.  Should be done in 2012 I think.  Not necessarily something I would travel to Panama to see, but something to check off the life list!

Ship coming in, being pulled/guided by some high-tech locomotives on the sides

The gates are opening!

Heading out to Panama

Last pic of us in Panama!

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