Cataract Falls

This weekend, Jeff and I took off headed for McCormick’s Creek State Park.  But we didn’t make it.  We followed the signs for Cataract Falls Recreational Area instead.  We are suckers for waterfalls.  This one is dubbed “Indiana’s largest” at 86 feet, but there must be an asterisk somewhere because it takes over half a mile to get down the whole way.  We also realized as we drove in that we probably chose the driest time of the year in one of the driest summers on record to go see some waterfalls.  Amazingly, there was still some water going over both the upper and lower falls.  I suppose that is why we were basically the only people there though.  We were able to walk out over the areas that are probably usually covered in river, so that was kind of neat.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot to do here other than look at the waterfalls.  We took a little mile loop hike and we had officially seen everything this park had to offer.  At this point, it was too late to keep going to McCormick’s Creek so we headed back to Cloverdale for dinner at “The Ice Box.”  Since we have already eaten at Chicago’s Pizza there, we think we have hit all the best places of Cloverdale.  Although we haven’t gone to “Restaurant” yet.  Maybe next time, when we actually make it to McCormick’s.

part one of the upper falls with the covered bridge in the background

part two of the upper falls

we barely beat the timer!

inside the covered bridge

the lower falls… and then the camera died 😦

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