The Crate

A week from now we will be locked into a shipping crate at FAME on the southeast side of Indy.  FAME is the Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism, an international mission agency based here in Indy.  We have volunteered down there several times packing up crates and have supported them at their annual auction.  They also take many short term trips every year and we hope to join them one day.  Starting this Friday, through the month of October until Nov 9, teams of 3-5 will be locked in a shipping crate at their warehouse for 24 hours at a time to raise money for several projects, one hour at a time.

The four projects are:

  • – Purchase an ambulance for a mission in India.
  • – Renovate an out-patient clinic in Haiti.
  • – Send a crate with medical supplies to Honduras.
  • – Provide scholarship funds for students in Ghana, West Africa.

I guess all of this fundraising will be done via Facebook, twitter, etc.  We don’t, and will not, twitter, so I guess we’ll be relying on Facebook a lot.  And maybe the blog even.  So partially we are letting you know about this so you can stay posted to any or all of our various accounts next Sunday, Oct. 3! I repeat Oct. 3!

Here is a quick video to let you know more about what we’ll be doing… and did I mention we’ll be there starting at 8am on Oct. 3?!

2 thoughts on “The Crate

  1. Y’all are my heroes. I wish I could be in “the crate” with you all; instead, I will be locked in the NICU crate, where I will be doing a lot less twittering, facebooking, and blogging and a lot more intubating, spinal tapping, and blood drawing.

    Have a great time. Can’t wait to hear about it.

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