it’s CRUNCH time!

OK, kids… we’re in the home stretch.  We are only half way to our goal of $1000 for this 24-hour shift and we thought it about time to update on where you can fit in to our fundraising efforts.  As previously promised, we have now revealed the winner of our wheelchair warehouse race.  Watch this video to get in on the hilarity…

Congrats to Haley, representing the girls!

We are actually working for a real cause.  With a fabulous organization.  And we shouldn’t go without telling a little of their story…

Thanks for following along with us.  We would love if you could help us out, to help FAME, help the people around the world that we are supporting.  If you make it happen today, awesome.  But don’t give up if you miss our 24-hour mark.  The website will remain open and will accept donations in our team’s name after we are back in the real world.  But that’s just not as fun…  Select ‘Meghan Willig’ as the team captain.  Give to whatever cause you choose.  And we’ll leave you alone.

Thanks to all have donated!  We and God are eternally grateful! 🙂

One thought on “it’s CRUNCH time!

  1. Loved the wheelchair race. Your videos are very good. Your team really will change the world. I am so proud of all of you.

    Mom Kelly

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