What a crazy weekend we just had!  We decided to host the halloween party for our friends this year.  The friend who used to do it moved out of town so somebody had to step up 🙂  Last time we hosted a big party was birthday prom (and I think a Labor Day, can’t remember if that was before or after) so we had to/got to pull out all those things we registered for for just this occasion!  The party was this past Saturday.

There are two facebook albums (here and here) with most of the pics, but here are just a few:

Jeff’s carved Ghostbusters pumpkin
Venkman the ghostbuster and the Staypuft Marshmallow Man with the ghosts
the spread 🙂
these cupcakes were fun, but a lot of work!
pinata! outdoor decor. we also played pictionary and had a costume walk-off
have to include the screech owl. awesome… or something like that

On Sunday, we went to church for the annual Trunk or Treat.  All the cars (generally) come up with a theme to decorate and dress and then give out candy to kids who come and go car to car.  We did a carnival theme with the Great Jeffdini having people guess his age (got anything from 0 to a google), the floating pumpkin (like duck pond), and the bean bag toss.  It was fun, cold, and crowded!


floating pumpkin

bean bag toss

Happy Halloween!!!

One thought on “Halloween

  1. Wow! Definitely rivaled a Leann/Andrea Halloween party. You all may have made your home an irreplaceable location for this annual tradition. I always appreciate your creativity, down to the smallest detail. Y’all just rock.

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