hello we are still the millers

It has been embarrassingly long since we blogged.  Probably many of you think we stopped doing this blog.  I will make an attempt to catch up what we’ve been up to the last 6 months in the next several posts.  Sorry for the Miller overload.

Taking it back.  January I think.  Doctor Prom (or the Physician’s Ball or something like that).  This is always a fun opportunity to get dressed up and this year’s theme was the Beatles.  At the Indiana Roof Ballroom for those of you from around here.

In April for Jeff’s birthday we drove down to Mammoth Cave for the day and then came back through Louisville to visit with Jordan and Abi the next day.

Around that same time came Easter and we hosted the Kellys and Millers at our house.  We also got maybe the best pic of all of us ever!

That should get us to May, when things started to pick up, so I will have to post more later!

One thought on “hello we are still the millers

  1. Welcome back to the “bloggosphere”! Looking forward to news of a return of the Miller’s to Gabon! Take care, Steve and Alace

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