More summer fun

Wish I was on top of it enough to post each of these things individually, but I will never get caught up that way, so I’m just going to try to get to our Montana trip in August and then get that posted and I’ll be much closer!

Family Medicine Residency Graduation was in June and we had to say goodbye to all the 3rd years.  Which is kind of weird to say because now I’m a 3rd year.

with all of my Team 2 nurses!

Back on July 4th, we went back to Lion’s Park where Meghan grew up watching fireworks with Jordan, Abi, and Mark.  After cookout and games at the Olsen’s.

the soon-to-be-wed Abi and Jordan


In August, we went on a hot air balloon ride.  It was actually Jeff’s anniversary gift, but the weather had not cooperated for awhile.  We had a perfect night!

Up we go!

lots of beautiful scenes!

We saw a couple movies at the IMA this summer as well!

Jess is the picnic cupcake queen!

I’m actually going to go past Montana a little bit here… In September we went to a place called Wasatch Lake in western IN for the resident retreat.  We stayed in cabins, played lots of games, canoed, ate lots of food, had a bonfire, and watched football.  Super fun.

in our cozy cabin

a s'more with the biggest marshmallow i've ever seen!

The following weekend was one of Meghan’s fellow resident’s wedding!  JW and Marissa got married at St. Joan of Arc and had the reception at the IMA.  Gorgeous all around.

Now fall is here, so I’ll have to get to blogging on all the fall activities!

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