The last couple weeks have been a cultural re-awakening for us.  We have been waiting for these concerts for months and then they both came within a week of each other!  Both were at the Egyptian Room at the Murat, which is a venue where you stand the whole time- reason #1 we are getting too old for that place.

Last Wednesday, we saw John Mark McMillan, Chris August, Gungor and David Crowder Band.  As you can imagine, this was a long concert (remember that part about standing?)!  Unfortunately John Mark and Gungor did not play as long since they were openers, but Gungor gave an amazing teaser performance to go see them again when they come back in the Spring.  This was David Crowder Band’s last tour, so that was cool to see before they finish up.

Us enjoying the concert


hanging with Michael Gungor!

quality photography in the Egyptian Room (that's Gungor)

makes for some artistic shots (thanks Jeff!)

The following week we were back at the same venue to see The Civil Wars!  This show was amazing- they are so incredibly talented!  We even got voted best crowd of the year by both Joy and John Paul!  Bonus!  (Unfortunately, I think that was partly because of the beer spilling drunk people next to us who were yelling that they loved them or wanted to marry them, or something more explicit, or just plain yelling about every minute.)

hunkered down for the show (in pretty much the same place)

the amazing duo!

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