A Few Holidays…

First off, about Halloween.  Sorry I’m behind on that- time goes so quick!  We had our second annual Halloween party here and we did have quite a precedent that we set for ourselves last year.  Didn’t do quite as much this year, but still had several spooky treats!

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Lil’ Mummies

Shrunken Head Cider (my favorite!)

Mark as the world-famous Jungle Boat Skipper

Prince William and Princess Kate (with Steph as the little girl)

and of course- the owl candle returns!

And on a more recent note, we also hosted family thanksgiving again this year.  Meghan’s parents traveled to Chicago to celebrate with her brother and sister-in-law so we hosted just the Miller parents this year.  No less food however.  All was good and left us full until the next day.  Luckily, we ran off some of the calories preemptively with a 4.5-mile race in the morning called the Drumstick Dash.  It was a very crowded race, but made us feel better about our turkey indulgence.

jeff and meg after drumstick dashing

ran like a champ!

on to turkey time!

the Miller gang

Now on to Christmas!  Got the decorations up today, so we are ready!


One thought on “A Few Holidays…

  1. sorry we weren’t able to meet up while we were in indy. we were passing around a stomach bug that i’m sure you would not have wanted. and i’ve signed off of facebook for a while so i can’t get any messages from you that way. but the brantlys would still love to hear what the millers are up to and what the near future holds for the two of you. so shoot me an email sometime. my name at yahoo dot com.
    and merry christmas!

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