Welcome Brynn Averie Miller!

Now the pressure is really on to be a good blogger.  Inquiring grandparents (and maybe some other people) will want to know what we all (OK, really just our new baby girl) are up to.  So, without further ado, I introduce you to our beautiful, precious, adorable, tiny bundle of love and joy: Brynn Averie Miller!

Minutes old!

Hello world!

My delivery went really smoothly.  I’ll spare you all the details but I’ll just say my water broke at 2:30 am on Sept 4, eventually got to the pushing part- did that for 45 minutes and here she was!  All in all I’d say it feels like it went really fast and wasn’t nearly as bad as I dreaded.  I’m sure the epidural had a LOT to do with that!  Highly recommend them 🙂

After Brynn got cleaned, weighed (6lbs 1oz) and measured (19 in) she got to come back and meet us!

hi daddy

first kisses from mommy

There have been a ton of pictures of Brynn already- many can be found here: Snapfish link.  Here are just two more for now…

everything is so tiny!

already spent our first lounging football weekend- good times





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