Brynn’s first month

Well,  not much has really happened, but that doesn’t mean that no pictures have been taken.  On the contrary, hundreds and hundreds probably.  Jeff is working on some of the better ones, but I wanted to share the many faces of Brynn.  She is very expressive, in both sleep and awake states!  She also has arms that have a mind of their own, but that is harder to capture in a picture.  I think maybe she will be a orchestra conductor 🙂

Of course I have many more, but these were some of the ones with a little more personality. 🙂

I know these pics are small, but I’m going to do a poll:

Maybe we’ll repeat after a couple months to see if answers change!

Brynn had her one month check today and she is up to 6#13oz and 20.5in.  I thought that was really good but she is still 3rd%ile for weight…

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