Halloween Party!

I was so happy we were still able to have our annual (3rd) Halloween Party this year!  And somehow I am getting this blogged about even before actual Halloween!

Since I am still on maternity leave, I spaced out the time to prepare and enjoyed most of the preparation (cleaning is never really very fun…). Decorating is always pretty fun though.

Owl candle makes its return with some festive decor

I think I found my new favorite fall cupcake combo!

chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with fluffy nutella buttercream frosting!

and two repeat favs:

mummies in wraps

shrunken head cider

We also had the costume walk-off with some “great” prizes that went to winners Jess and Jeremy!

Runners Mark and Melissa with their little ladybuy Adalyn

Meg Willig breaks it down as a line-dancing ghost!

We are farmers harvesting our sweet pea Brynn

the harvest is good!

the winning costumes- lawn ornaments! pink flamingo and garden gnome (minus the hat in this pic)

The party was great fun and can’t wait till actual Halloween and trick-or-treaters!


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