Halloween Party!

I was so happy we were still able to have our annual (3rd) Halloween Party this year!  And somehow I am getting this blogged about even before actual Halloween!

Since I am still on maternity leave, I spaced out the time to prepare and enjoyed most of the preparation (cleaning is never really very fun…). Decorating is always pretty fun though.

Owl candle makes its return with some festive decor

I think I found my new favorite fall cupcake combo!

chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with fluffy nutella buttercream frosting!

and two repeat favs:

mummies in wraps

shrunken head cider

We also had the costume walk-off with some “great” prizes that went to winners Jess and Jeremy!

Runners Mark and Melissa with their little ladybuy Adalyn

Meg Willig breaks it down as a line-dancing ghost!

We are farmers harvesting our sweet pea Brynn

the harvest is good!

the winning costumes- lawn ornaments! pink flamingo and garden gnome (minus the hat in this pic)

The party was great fun and can’t wait till actual Halloween and trick-or-treaters!

A Few Holidays…

First off, about Halloween.  Sorry I’m behind on that- time goes so quick!  We had our second annual Halloween party here and we did have quite a precedent that we set for ourselves last year.  Didn’t do quite as much this year, but still had several spooky treats!

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Lil’ Mummies

Shrunken Head Cider (my favorite!)

Mark as the world-famous Jungle Boat Skipper

Prince William and Princess Kate (with Steph as the little girl)

and of course- the owl candle returns!

And on a more recent note, we also hosted family thanksgiving again this year.  Meghan’s parents traveled to Chicago to celebrate with her brother and sister-in-law so we hosted just the Miller parents this year.  No less food however.  All was good and left us full until the next day.  Luckily, we ran off some of the calories preemptively with a 4.5-mile race in the morning called the Drumstick Dash.  It was a very crowded race, but made us feel better about our turkey indulgence.

jeff and meg after drumstick dashing

ran like a champ!

on to turkey time!

the Miller gang

Now on to Christmas!  Got the decorations up today, so we are ready!

More summer fun

Wish I was on top of it enough to post each of these things individually, but I will never get caught up that way, so I’m just going to try to get to our Montana trip in August and then get that posted and I’ll be much closer!

Family Medicine Residency Graduation was in June and we had to say goodbye to all the 3rd years.  Which is kind of weird to say because now I’m a 3rd year.

with all of my Team 2 nurses!

Back on July 4th, we went back to Lion’s Park where Meghan grew up watching fireworks with Jordan, Abi, and Mark.  After cookout and games at the Olsen’s.

the soon-to-be-wed Abi and Jordan


In August, we went on a hot air balloon ride.  It was actually Jeff’s anniversary gift, but the weather had not cooperated for awhile.  We had a perfect night!

Up we go!

lots of beautiful scenes!

We saw a couple movies at the IMA this summer as well!

Jess is the picnic cupcake queen!

I’m actually going to go past Montana a little bit here… In September we went to a place called Wasatch Lake in western IN for the resident retreat.  We stayed in cabins, played lots of games, canoed, ate lots of food, had a bonfire, and watched football.  Super fun.

in our cozy cabin

a s'more with the biggest marshmallow i've ever seen!

The following weekend was one of Meghan’s fellow resident’s wedding!  JW and Marissa got married at St. Joan of Arc and had the reception at the IMA.  Gorgeous all around.

Now fall is here, so I’ll have to get to blogging on all the fall activities!

Summer Fun

All these posts to get caught up to Memorial Day!  This year we hosted Memorial Day at our house for our friends and were actually able to cook out in the backyard instead of the garage like last time.  Hamburgers, lawn games, and first fire pit blaze with s’mores.  Good times.

We have had a couple other fire pit s’mores nights as well.  We also have been inviting our friends over on several of the friday nights this year for Game Nights.  We started the tradition back in Gabon and felt like we didn’t really have a reason not to continue with our friends here.  Can’t do it every week, but it’s nice to have something we can fall back on.

Jeremy and his oatmeal creme pie s’more
our board game box pose