iPhone in da house


Last Friday, I officially became the owner of an iPhone.  And they are wicked cool.  I waited until Friday for the apparently minimally-awaited 3G S.  This phone has a few upgrades to the 3G that was released last summer.  I wasn’t able to make it to the store until 3pm, but they still had several left (to the dismay of the many that were waiting there in line at 7am I am sure).  Making purchases at the Apple Store is a very fun thing to do, assuming you have at least some idea of what you are talking about.  I don’t have anything really cool or witty to say about the iPhone, there are really no words to embellish its awesomeness.

For those who know it, my phone number will stay the same.  I will be changing my primary email address in the future, however, since I will be kicked off the school account.  I’m still debating on whether to use my non-conducive to memory new st. vincent account (with a random 6 in it) or go with gmail or other.  I’ll let you know.

best workout ever


so here is my little plug… I don’t get any money whatsoever from you buying this, but I am somewhat addicted.  When I was at LA Fitness, I did this Cardio Kickboxing class where we did this thing called “turbo jam.”  It was the thing I was most sad to leave when I moved away from Broadripple.  Well, about a year later I learned that my cousin Lynn had become a TKB instructor (which obviously means turbo kickboxing).  I was so jealous, but she referred me to a dvd I could buy, so I did (well, technically Jeff did, for my birthday).  It’s a little rough to do on carpet, but I love it!  I mean, check out this super fun energetic lady that “teaches” it:

chalenejohnsonSo I’m kicking and punching my way through life… you better watch out!

Here’s the link if you’re interested: Turbo Jam from Amazon.



I was going through the greeting card aisle today, looking for the perfect card.  I had some time, so I read quite a few.  I often just go for the blank inside card out of frustration for not finding the perfect card.  Other options:

  • giving birthday/wedding cards from whatever holiday happens to be nearby (halloween, 4th of july, etc)
  • giving dad/mom/granddaughter/godson/etc cards to people that do not fit this relationship to you
  • choosing the mahogany cards when they might not really be appropriate for someone as white as me
  • make my own with an assortment of stickers left over from 5th grade (the trick is to find one that still has sticky on it)

So, it came to me today that a vital greeting card genre is missing from every store I have been to.  They have religious cards, they have humor cards, and they even have humor linked to just about anything you can think of (e.g. Administrative Professionals Day- Humor) but they do not have a religious humor section!  Hallmark is really letting us down.  They need a quality side-hug friend of God small group poking-fun type of card.  With pictures of fields of flowers or people holding up their hands in silhouette with a sunset background.  I would buy one every time.

For anyone who doesn’t know what religious humor could possibly be, you have to check out jesuspeoplefilm.com.  This link is from my friend Steph.  Click on media and watch the webisodes, music video, and movie trailer.  lol’ed a lot.

OnebookOnemonth Challenge


I am officially issuing a challenge.  In the last several days, I have heard many people that I thought were pretty cool talk about how many books they have read and how many books great leaders have read.  It’s not that I necessarily aspire to be a “great leader,” but I do aspire to be a great reader.  I always mean to read, but don’t necessarily do it.  Yes, time is short, but I usually find time to watch The Office, or something equally unimportant.  Granted, starting residency will make this more difficult, but I figured I should start now if I’m ever going to do this.  So, I decided to issue a challenge to myself and allow others to come with me.

I have started a new companion blog, if you will, called the OnebookOnemonth Challenge.  As you might guess, the goal is to read one book a month.  The blog will serve as a community for me and others to share what they read.  Or it will just be me sharing what I am able to read, but I’m sure you all agree that that would be much less interesting and more rarely updated.  If you go to the blog (http://onebookonemonth.wordpress.com), you will find instructions on how you can become an author of blog posts as well.  You don’t necessarily have to know anyone else on the blog… frankly, you don’t really even have to know me.  If you read this and know someone that I don’t that would be interested, send them to the site.

Well, there it is.

impending graduation

Not to say we are done blogging about Africa, but to sneak a look forward into the mix…

seuss_cap Graduation is getting closer.  Less than two months now.  I am in such a different place than last time I graduated.  Granted there is a big difference between graduating college and med school.  One sets you off into the world to be “anything” and the other is just one step along the way to physiciandom.  I guess college is a step along that process as well, but when you graduate with a degree in philosophy, it doesn’t always quite seem that way.  On a side note, as I was interviewing, when people asked me what my major had been in college, I got some great responses when I said it was philsophy.  Half were along the lines of “that is awesome” and the other half were more like “what was that all about?”  Anyways, I wanted to share a poem that I found that I wrote right after graduating from college.  I don’t really have a class of 2009 poem, but maybe some day.

Class of 2004

Nothingness is seeping in…
No responsibility placed on me
I have to make what I do
Opportunity yes
But here I can do the wrong thing
It’s not about passing…
It’s about living

Take the little things with me
Take the big things with me
The thoughts
The values
The ideals
The passion
Everything you gave me

I learned something from all of you
Some it was integrity,
Others it was apathy
But no one taught me how to leave

Not coming back
Fly south one more time
What if I want more than a memory
What if I need you
And I just don’t know

Every piece of me is a piece of you
Everything means you
I never could’ve done it for me…
It’s always for you

I’m going to take it all down
Pack up
Move out
Move on

It’s so hard to let go
I’m crying for you.
You didn’t think I cared
But I am crying for you.

Am I running away from life,
Or running into it
Missing it already
Fly away

I don’t know if I’m a little sentimental about the fact that I am not “flying away” this time.  I will likely be staying right here, almost in the same neighborhood even.  We’ll know for sure on thursday.  It’s comforting, but at the same time sometimes I feel like we are settling.  I can tell myself over and over that Indy is a great place to be and we have invested so much into it and our church here, but I guess a part of me always wants the adventure too.  yet, adventure makes you want “home,” so a home we will build.  Are building.  Life builds… we are building.