Jars of Clay Rewind Concert!

This past Thursday, May 20, Meghan and I got to attend a private concert with Jars of Clay, one of the earliest and best Christian alt-rock groups of all time! These are the guys we grew up listening to in high school… nay, middle school, within the confines of our Christian upbringing. Now I have to admit, I wasn’t that big of a Jars of Clay fan back then, but for Meghan, they were her number one! I’ve since gained a love for them myself after Meg and I combined our iTunes libraries a couple years ago. But back to the concert…

This concert featured Jars of Clay playing all the way through their first original album, from start to finish. It was originally going to be part of a series of four concerts, called the Rewind Tour. However, we were informed the night of the show that they had canceled the other three perfomances, and that we were, indeed, about to witness the only, before or ever, Rewind Tour concert!

As I mentioned before, this was a private concert, which meant tickets were not easy to come by. In fact, you could not purchase them… the only way you could get tickets was to show up at one of three not-so-publicized locations around the city a couple weeks before the show. As the story goes, the first such location was the day before we left on our recent cruise vacation (post to come, I’m sure) and Meghan was planning to go try to pick them up after work. As it turns out, Meghan was stuck at work, so she called me and asked me to drive out to Plainfield and get them between 5 and 7 p.m. After half an hour of fighting traffic, I arrived at 5:09 only to find out they had all been given away within the first five minutes… just four minutes earlier. They did have a drawing to win more tickets, so I started filling out a card for both Meg and me and two other friends. As I was about to leave, the guy from K-LOVE (Christian radio station) who was manning the table, asked me if I had gone to IWU. I thought he looked familiar, and it was then that I recognized him from the music dept. at Indiana Wesleyan. We chatted a bit, then as I was walking out the door, he called me over and gave me his business card and told me to send him an email that week, that he would try to “hook me up.” And sure enough, he did! Not only that, but the card I had filled out for one of my friends who wanted to go was the one that was drawn to win two free tickets! So I think God worked it out after all, so my trip out there wasn’t in vain. We had four tickets, all for free, just like that. 🙂

The concert itself was awesome. We were able to get pretty close seats, but when they started, Meghan, Stephanie, and I all went up to stand in the front, and we had front row spots for the whole thing. Can’t beat that!

So without further ado, we got some great video (from my iPhone, mind you, so not “great” in quality) of a couple of favorite songs that we’d like to share with you. I don’t know if this is legal or not to post this, but we’re not trying to make money off of it or claim the music as our own, so I would think it’s alright. Enjoy this exclusive peak into a rare performance, up close and personal. 🙂

Track 8: “Flood”

Track 9: “Worlds Apart”

We got them to all do the "hand to chin" pose 🙂