Brynn’s First Birthday!

Yeah, so that baby we had and posted pictures of a year ago, and haven’t posted hardly anything since… well she’s almost one now.  Her actual birthday is on Wednesday, but we did her party yesterday for friends and family.  The theme was Oh, the places you’ll go!  We had fun decorating with lots of bright colors and brightly colored food to match (we did leave the hot dogs and hamburgers their “natural” color).  And lots of presents of course!  My fav was the smash cake- she didn’t really want to eat it but she didn’t mind making a mess of it 🙂 I think there should be some adult birthday milestone marked with a smash cake because then you’d really know what to do with it and it does look like fun!  Of course, some photos…


Getting ready for the party! streamers with brynn’s month pics, balloons, flowers, dr seuss books and more!


the smash cake waiting to be smashed…


the cake for the rest of us- globe cupcakes (yes, they are from pinterest…)


getting in to her presents!


figuring out what to do with this…


I think she got the idea


the damage done



I’d say it was a success!  Hopefully Brynn’s first birthday week is a good one- although she’ll have no idea what the deal is of course.  Will be exciting to have future when birthdays when she knows what is going on, but the first birthday is always one to cherish and see how far your child has come in a year- it is really amazing.  Can’t wait to see what the next year brings and for Brynn to be a big sister!

Halloween Party!

I was so happy we were still able to have our annual (3rd) Halloween Party this year!  And somehow I am getting this blogged about even before actual Halloween!

Since I am still on maternity leave, I spaced out the time to prepare and enjoyed most of the preparation (cleaning is never really very fun…). Decorating is always pretty fun though.

Owl candle makes its return with some festive decor

I think I found my new favorite fall cupcake combo!

chocolate pumpkin cupcakes with fluffy nutella buttercream frosting!

and two repeat favs:

mummies in wraps

shrunken head cider

We also had the costume walk-off with some “great” prizes that went to winners Jess and Jeremy!

Runners Mark and Melissa with their little ladybuy Adalyn

Meg Willig breaks it down as a line-dancing ghost!

We are farmers harvesting our sweet pea Brynn

the harvest is good!

the winning costumes- lawn ornaments! pink flamingo and garden gnome (minus the hat in this pic)

The party was great fun and can’t wait till actual Halloween and trick-or-treaters!

Brynn’s first month

Well,  not much has really happened, but that doesn’t mean that no pictures have been taken.  On the contrary, hundreds and hundreds probably.  Jeff is working on some of the better ones, but I wanted to share the many faces of Brynn.  She is very expressive, in both sleep and awake states!  She also has arms that have a mind of their own, but that is harder to capture in a picture.  I think maybe she will be a orchestra conductor 🙂

Of course I have many more, but these were some of the ones with a little more personality. 🙂

I know these pics are small, but I’m going to do a poll:

Maybe we’ll repeat after a couple months to see if answers change!

Brynn had her one month check today and she is up to 6#13oz and 20.5in.  I thought that was really good but she is still 3rd%ile for weight…

Welcome Brynn Averie Miller!

Now the pressure is really on to be a good blogger.  Inquiring grandparents (and maybe some other people) will want to know what we all (OK, really just our new baby girl) are up to.  So, without further ado, I introduce you to our beautiful, precious, adorable, tiny bundle of love and joy: Brynn Averie Miller!

Minutes old!

Hello world!

My delivery went really smoothly.  I’ll spare you all the details but I’ll just say my water broke at 2:30 am on Sept 4, eventually got to the pushing part- did that for 45 minutes and here she was!  All in all I’d say it feels like it went really fast and wasn’t nearly as bad as I dreaded.  I’m sure the epidural had a LOT to do with that!  Highly recommend them 🙂

After Brynn got cleaned, weighed (6lbs 1oz) and measured (19 in) she got to come back and meet us!

hi daddy

first kisses from mommy

There have been a ton of pictures of Brynn already- many can be found here: Snapfish link.  Here are just two more for now…

everything is so tiny!

already spent our first lounging football weekend- good times